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The Institute of Animal Pathology (ITPA) is a comprehensive animal pathology center, combining a dedicated diagnostic unit and basic research in one institute. Our necropsy and biopsy services provide an essential quality control for the clinic and make a critical contribution to state-of-the-art teaching and translational research. With our basic research we aim to support clinicians understanding the molecular basis clinically relevant questions, such as cancer therapy resistance. We have also established a comparative pathology platform (COMPATH) to support translation research involving animal models of human diseases. As part of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Pathobiology (DIP), the ITPA is integrated in a close network with the other para-clinical institutes. Moreover, the ITPA houses a dedicated histology laboratory that supports the Vetsuisse Faculty Bern.


SNF Fördergelder

SNF Grant success

Prof. Horst Posthaus received an SNF grant for his project "Receptor specificities of Clostridium perfringens hemolysin beta-pore-forming toxins."


Dr. Hana Hanzlikova has started her group at ITPA

We are very happy to welcome Hana Hanzlikova as new group leader at ITPA and we are looking forward to the collaboration with her and her group.


Oral Presentation Award ESVP/ECVP Congress 2022

Stefano Bagatella, Resident at ITPA und PhD student in the Division of Neurological Sciences received the Oral Presentation Award at the recent ESVP/ECVP Congress in Athens for his talk "Microglia, rather than bacterial factors, mediate bovine neutrophil chemotaxis in neurolisteriosis". Congratulations!


Successful PhD defense

Carmen Widmer successfully defended her PhD thesis "Investigating platinum drug resistance using BRCA1;p53-deficient mouse mammary tumors". Congratulations!

Julia Bruggisser

GCB Award

Julia Bruggisser, PhD graduate from the research group of Horst Posthaus, received one of 3 GCB Awards for the best PhD thesis in 2021. Julia earned this prize for her excellent work and PhD defense on the topic "Clostridium perfringens beta-toxin: Receptor identification and oligomer structure". Congratulations!

Morgane Decollogny

MD-PhD grant

Morgane Decollogny, PhD student in the research group of Sven Rottenberg, is one of 12 young scientists in Switzerland, who receive the national MD-PhD award of the SAMW. Morgane is investigating residual disease in triple-negative breast cancer. Congratulations!


Bern Cancer Research Cluster Award

Martin Liptay, PhD student in the research group of Sven Rottenberg, received the Bern Cancer Research Cluster (BCRC) Award 2020 for the best presentation during the recent online BCRC retreat. Congratulations!


Erfolgsmeldung aus dem ITPA

Dr. Sohvi Blatter, Assistentin am Institut für Tierpathologie der Vetsuisse-Fakultät Bern, hat mit dem Diplom des European College of Veterinary Pathologists (ECVP) erfolgreich das kombinierte Residency/PhD Programm abgeschlossen. Herzliche Gratulation!



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